Plantein Bolognese

Ingredients (Serves 4)

2 x Packets of Plantein Plant Based Burgers
4-6 Tablespoons olive oil
1 x Jar Tomato Passata
1 Medium sized onion finely chopped
2 Gloves crushed garlic
Salt and pepper to taste
Dried herbs to taste
Fresh Basil to serve
¼ of a cup of Parmesan cheese to serve
1 x 500g pack of pasta/GF pasta of your choice


Step 1
Heat olive oil in a medium sized saucepan and add onion and garlic. Stir for 2 minutes until soft and fragrant.

Step 2
Seperate Plantein burger patties into quarters and add to the saucepan. Break apart with a wooden spoon until mince texture is achieved.

Step 3
Once mince is browned and separated add 1 Jar of tomato passata and one cup of water and bring to the boil.

Step 4
Add in salt, pepper and dried herbs to taste. Place the lid back on, reduce to a low heat and leave to simmer for 1 hour – stirring occasionally.

Step 5
In large saucepan boil water and add pasta of your choice. Once cooked through drain the pasta. Add oil and salt to taste and set aside.

Step 6
Serve pasta and sauce in bowls and top with fresh basil and parmesan.

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