We’ve all heard the buzz about plant-based foods in restaurants and supermarkets across the world. So what does it actually mean?

Our take on plant-based foods is about flexitarianism. A flexitarian diet is about eating plant-based foods and occasional meat. It doesn’t mean going vegetarian or vegan, not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s more about switching things up and keeping your protein choices flexible. A flexitarian diet can be fun, tasty and creative while maintaining your daily protein needs.

Plantein uses the power of protein and the goodness of plants to make scrumptious, meat-free alternatives so that you never have to give up your favourites when you’re having a flexi day. We’re all about flexible eating: swapping your meat for something healthy, sustainable and delicious.

Made from

Plantein has been balanced to provide all your daily nutritional requirements, using plant origin ingredients, including soy beans, peas, coconuts and beetroot.

Packed with

Plantein delivers protein goodness with an easy choice of flavours. Our meals are quick and easy and provide a sustainable source of protein.


We’re a home-grown Aussie company, and proud of it. Plantein has been created by some of the best food experts and culinary gurus in Australia with decades of experience behind them.

Our meat-free

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